Wednesday, 18 June 2014

How to avoid higher rental cost while hiring a car

Signing a rental agreement is a little deep thing that you must care about than the cost of renting the car. You have to think few things about how you will pay for the insurance, gas and what are the rules and regulations with the rental agency. Here are a few things to know better for avoiding rental cost on hiring cars that will ensure you in making the most of it.

Comparing the Rates

Try to compare the prices of the rental company with the other. Make sure about yourself that any deal is really a deal! Sometimes the price does not really tally until you find all the taxes and fees. Asking for a member account could save you for few pennies while coupons can add extra features to your car.

Some travel loyalty programs can also lessen your cost. Consider choosing your car at some location rather than airport in order to avoid additional costs. And, also try to be vary of the companies that give gas tank fill-up plans that can some time be a myth, depending on the prices you may find filling up the tank by your own might be a good choice.

Book Early

Booking car early can give you some flexibility and avoid rushing at the last minute. Especially when it comes to choice and pricing this gives upper hands. Try to arrive early or at least on time while returning the car, as they can charge you extra if you are late. Even a little delay can cost you charge for another day!

This kind of car rental may seem to be obvious, but just think whether you really need to rent a car? Paying for the rent, parking, gas or diesel does not make any sense if you enjoy your vacation tour with family on a beach or cities.

Check the Damage

Once you are over with the car, you must hand over it to the Car Rental Vancouver! Make sure to know the location and the charge for doing so. Just walk around the car checking for any major or minor damage. Use your camera to take the pictures of the car and in case of damage take photo and provide it to the agency to make a note of it. If you encounter any severe damage or uncomfortable seats, feel free to request another car.

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